Who We Are

The Recovery Resource Center is a local, life-saving non-profit dedicated to addressing the recovery needs of those who struggle with addiction.

Often, the journey towards recovery begins at an inpatient or outpatient facility. After completing clinical treatment, the recovering individual needs to learn how to rejoin the community. That means changing patterns of behavior, learning new life skills, and becoming a contributing member of society.

At the Recovery Resource Center, we help with that re-integration. 365 days a year, we provide a safe space for the recovering individual to learn valuable life-skills, while building a fundamental network of support. With recovery services and educational workshops such as employment readiness, parenting classes, 12-step meetings, and various engaging activities, we stand resolute as the center of the recovery community in Salisbury, Maryland.

What We Do

We currently host over 40 meetings, sponsored by seven 12-Step Fellowships, serving approximately 1,000 people per week.  Meetings at Salisbury's RRC are open to all who seek recovery, without fear of a paper trail. We provide support to those learning how to rebuild their lives, restore their families, and take their rightful place as contributing members of our community.

Since 1996, as a member of the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore, we receive funding, training and support for our staff.  We also receive support, funding and training from The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, as a fully incorporated non-profit corporation.


Meet the Team

Executive Board and Staff

Board and Officers

RRC Officers
Dr. Doug Wilson, President
Hollie Seaton, Vice President
Connie Strott, Secretary
Michelle Grager, Treasurer
Joe Morse, Assistant Treasurer
Joe Gast, Past President
Chip Strott, Legal Counsel

RRC Board Members
Richard J. Brueckner, Ernie Colburn, Robert W. Cook, Rudolph Drummond, Jamie Dykes,  Tom Evans, Keith Lackie, ​Lynn Lynch, Susan Parker, Valerie Randall-Lee, Dr. Patricia L. Riley, Cindy Shiffler, Micah Stauffer, Michele Warren

Curtis Paul -Executive Director

Tracy Gregory - Director of Office Operations
Betty Hartman - Desk Manager
Greg Bradshaw

We need your help...

We provide safe haven for individuals in the community who are looking to start or continue on their journey toward recovery.